Track my shipment

Find shipment by tracking number and extend it.

Profit & Loss

Forget about sparse spreadsheets and keep your stuff organized in one place. From here you can extend your shipment by providing the revenue, item and shipping cost and we will provide the unit cost, total cost, profit, and profit margin calculations.

One Dashboard

One dashboard to visually track all the wholesale shipments. Check the status of the package, if it is delivered or not, filter, sort, and search. Each shipment can be edited, extended, downloaded or deleted.

Invoice Report

Cumbersome to give a price quotation to different clients? With our invoice report generator, you only need to simulate a shipment and then download the report. Send the generated report to the customer and see how pleased it will be to see a nice PDF document with the P&L statement already done.

The container

Provide the length, width, height and weight, and we will calculate the volumetric weight based on the shipping type chosen, units per box, number of boxes, volume and gross weight. Choose between different types of unit measurements available, metric or inches/pounds.

Tracking number

A tracking number is a unique ID that is assigned to a package. It can be used to track the movement of a shipment on its way from the sender to the recipient and find out where it is at any given moment in time. Our tracker helps you to quickly and precisely track your international shipments from the US, Europe, China for UPS, FedEx and DHL carriers.

Lead and delivery

Along with the delivery times, we offer the option to add the production/lead time. Stay updated with the supplier lead time to spot when your goods will be ready for delivery. See the production cycle of your precious product from factory grounds to destination. Analyze and add user notes to track different behaviors and solve possible problems.